Oscar, the Trash Cat

TGI-freaking-F, people. Seriously. This week has been exhausting, to say the least! Rarely, I get a weekend off instead of 2 random days off during the week. (That’s retail for ya!) Miraculously, we are closed on Easter Sunday! I’ll be so happy Sunday morning when I get to go to church with my loved ones and celebrate Jesus. 🙂

So today, I thought I’d share how Jason and I got our sweet cat, Oscar.

Before we got him, we had an only-pup, Charlie. He was (and is) so much of a handful that we never dreamed of getting another fur baby so soon. But between the two of us working full-time jobs, he was alone a lot during the day. 😦 Enter Oscar…

While working at my job that day, I went out back with my (soon-to-be) MIL Jami. We were making sure the trailer was ready for the next day. All of the sudden, we heard the smallest “mew” you’ve ever heard. We both stopped dead in our tracks… Was that a kitten?!

We then proceeded to stay outside for the next HOUR trying to lure this sweetie out from under the cardboard compactor. We couldn’t find him at first, but no WAY was I going back inside when there was a freaking kitten alone in a shopping center. Finally, we got him out! He was SO TINY, and his paws were bleeding because of the broken glass he was stepping on under the compactor. We cleaned him up, and I went to the grocery store in the shopping center to get him some wet food and a little carrier to bring him home. From that point on, he was ours. ❤



Jami was the one who thought of the PERFECT name for him: Oscar! Any 90’s babies (or mamas of 90’s babies) out there? Remember Sesame Street? And the grouch who lived in the trash can? You get the rest. 😉

Introducing Charlie and Oscar was a little scary, because Oscar was so tiny. Charlie on the other hand was 30 pounds of muscle (typical Frenchie). But Charlie surprised us and totally impressed us when he was so gentle with Oscar.


Those two are now the BEST of friends. They groom each other, snuggle, wrestle, get into trouble together (like tag-teaming up to get treats off the counter?!), and clearly love each other. The best part? They have each other all day long while Jason and I work. So great!

That’s the story of Oscar, and we are so blessed to have found him.

Warmly, Lulu


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